The Effect of Employee Training and Development on the Performance of Public Institutions in Rwanda: A Case of Decentralised Entities

Publication Date : 18/05/2020

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Volume/Issue :
Volume 1
Issue 4
(05 - 2020)

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Introduction This study focused on the effect of employee training and development on public institution performance case of decentralized entities in Rwanda. Methodology The study adopted a descriptive research design. The study population included employees at the district headquarters. A sample of 250 employees was determined using the Cronch formula for determining a sample of unknown population selected. The respondents were purposively selected. Data was collected from the primary data using one set of questionnaire was given to employees that have undergone through training and development at the district level. Data was analysed using inferential statistics. A regression model was developed to examine the relationship between the study variables. Results and Conclusion The findings revealed a positive and significant effect of employee training and development evaluation on decentralized entities. This indicate that if employee training and development evaluation is well done after training it will effect decentralized entities performance where (r=0.986<0.01), it means that 98.6%, and the findings revealed a positive and significant effect of training and development challenges. This implies that if challenges in implementing employee trainings and development towards employees are well treated and handled in favor of increasing knowledge and skills of employees it will be an increase of decentralized entities performance (r=0.996<0.01 which means 99.6%. Then the results indicate that employee training and development has a positive and significant contribution on the performance of decentralized entities (r=0.997<0.01) which means 99.7%. This study recommends to continue using an employee training and development policy which can guide it during training process; and should conduct a need assessment regularly for being aware of employee weaknesses and prepare training and development which can contribute on employees and performance will be efficient. Key Wards: Employee training, Employee development, Performance, Public institutions, Decentralized entities.

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