International Journal of Economics and Finance (IJEF) is an international peer-reviewed journal published by the European Centre for Excellence across Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America. IJEF platform promotes the e-publication mode by publishing all journals through a monthly subscription. IJEF provides a free access research journal for scientists, scholars, researchers, and engineers to exchange their research and ideas work throughout the world.

Journal is published monthly in both print and online versions by the European Center for Excellence. The scope of IJEF includes the fields in economics and finance. IJEF accepts high-quality contribution towards issues in international finance that impact national and global economies. While maintaining the high standards of a fully refereed academic journal, with technical, empirical and theoretical material, IJFE articles will also be accessible to non-specialists, policy-makers and practitioners

IJFE will concern itself with issues such as exchange rates, the balance of payments, financial institutions, risk analysis, international banking, and portfolio management, financial market regulation, Third World debt, European monetary union, the financial aspects of transition economies, financial instruments and international economic policy coordination. IJFE aimed at practitioners, researchers, and graduate students in:

International economics

International finance

Financial economics

International political economy

Business analysis and treasury management